Keep Going & Stay Motivated with HIIT Workouts & Two-A-Day Runs

Keep Going & Stay Motivated with HIIT Workouts & Two-A-Day Runs

Hello! Its FRIDAY! or as I like to call it FriYAY! This past week I ran my half way mark for training…thirteen miles on Halloween! (good reason indulge obviously) and felt good. Tired having been out Halloween night, but overall a good run. Now, I’m past the point of half way. This means that even during the week my runs are longer…especially this week being a six and seven miler. This is where I’m getting a little bit mentally fatigued. I’m recruiting my running and biking friends to come with me on my longer runs specifically my LONG long runs, up to 14+ miles.

Since the weather here in Tampa is getting oddly warm for November, it was hard for me tackle these distances especially before a jam-packed day. I just make sure that I eat well, drink coffee in moderation (half serious and joking here ha), and get enough rest! Since doing a six miler Wednesday morning, I felt drained. It might have had to do with the fact I ran a little later when it was warmer and more humid. Thursday morning I beat the heat and humidity…kind of, not really…because even at 6am it was still gross! GAH! That’s when I decided to break up my seven miler. I like to incorporate speed into my runs as well so I did four miles Thursday morning instead and did the other three on the treadmill after I taught my lunchtime class. Mentally I felt MUCH better! Tackling the distance into two different runs made it much easier to accomplish. I felt good with my speed work too so splitting them up worked out! Yes, I was tired, and was in bed my 10pm exactly last night, but I felt better knowing that splitting them up and doing two-a-days actually can work. Moral of the story: breaking up the distance into manageable pieces helps with the mental side of training!

Another thing I learned this week was how great HIIT workouts are! I kinda forgot about them, but realized how handy they can be. I didn’t get to my workout late Monday night, so I did 30 min of an upper body + core + cardio HIIT workout. I said exactly: “no more or less than 30 min and then you can leave” DONE! HIIT is a great type workout because it’s designed to get your heart rate up combined with strength exercises done efficiently and fast. I know people how ONLY do HIIT because its effective and fast so its perfect for people who have a busy schedule and can’t find time to workout or get to a gym. I work in fitness, and can spend hours honestly trying out exercises for fun, but Monday was not that night so HIIT came in handy!

Benefits & Reasons of HIIT include:


-Can be done ANYWHERE! (gym, home, outside)

-No need for equipment

-Versatile–create combinations of cardio, abs, UB, LB; weight vs. no weights; intervals of seconds vs minutes; rounds or circuits

-Go at your own pace

TA-DA! All of these reasons to me say no excuses so adding HIIT to your workout routine among other things is a great way to include cardio and strength components as well. Check out my Upper body HIIT workout I did Monday! It a sweat fest!!

Upper Body HIIT Workout (Note: if you don’t have equipment feel free to modify)

Complete each round twice through no breaks. After each round, get water and rest of 1 min

Equipment: jump rope, mat, bosu ball, medium weights

Round One, 1 minute each exercise, twice through no breaks:

  • Forward shoulder raises
  • Jump rope
  • Rocking plank


Round Two, 1 minute each exercise, twice through no breaks:

  • Plank Push-Ups (30 sec each side)
  • Jump rope
  • Plank knee-taps


Round Three, 1 min each exercise, twice through no breaks:

  • Push-ups on bosu
  • Jump rope
  • bicycle crunches


Round Four, 1 min each exercise, twice through no breaks:

  • Inchworms (challenge: add a push-up!)
  • Jump rope
  • Reverse crunches on bosu


Round Five, 1 min each exercise, twice through no breaks:

  • Bicep curl + overhead press
  • Jump rope
  • Plank

Couldn’t resist posting about my amazing shakes this week either!! I needed a new way to get in my greens so I whipped up a filling and nutritious smoothie!! YUMO!

Kale & Mango Protein Shake:

  • 1 c. vanilla unsweetened almond milk
  • Half of banana
  • 1/2 c frozen mango
  • 1 c frozen or fresh spinach
  • 1 c. fresh kale
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder-Blend together for 1 min and enjoy!
    Kale & Mango Protein Smoothie for lunch...yummy!
    Kale & Mango Protein Smoothie for lunch…yummy!

    Although it was humid for November this past week, this sunrise made it worth the miles.
    Although it was humid for November this past week, this sunrise made it worth the miles.


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