The Mind Body Perspective: Keep Moving. Embrace Change. Rethink Options.

The Mind Body Perspective: Keep Moving. Embrace Change. Rethink Options.

I was crazy productive this past week, but took a step back with some goals surrounding my career and training. Changes both good, and I’ll say it this way, uncomfortable. I’ve had stressful week to say the least. I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and to use them as life lessons. Running has been the one consistent thing that I can count on each time I get in a funk. Its my release, my me-time and because of my hectic week, has been something I can count on to de-stress! Everyone needs some time to get away regardless if its running/fitness at all!

Anyways, after listening closer to my body for past week of training, I’m learning what it means to dial-back intensity and take it a notch down below beast mode. I’m the type of person to push hard and intense, while creating a sweat fest that leaves me accomplished and tired. Marathon training is not like that. It took me a few weeks into the training to learn that you can’t run six miles or “hard” and expect to be right back the next day for another hard workout. Nope, and my body told me promptly that training like that was not okay (check out my post on listening to your body and rest).

This past weekend, I ran ten miles for my long run. I was nervous because I still felt tight but knew I did have to get in a run and see how I feel. I made a deal with myself to GO SLOWER and take my time. It took serious convincing, but I did it! I always go too fast the first few miles no matter the distance. I used this mistake as an opportunity to learn to go SLOW and see how it feels. I did more of a jog and kept an eye on my garmin to consciously go a minute or so slower then my race pace time. SUCCESS again! I felt great the whole time and didn’t feel like I was killing myself. I simply took down the intensity of the run. I also was listening to some good, slower paced music like Sam Smith who is great to listen to on long steady runs.

Through this week, I learned its OK to stop and look around to see what you can do differently or improve on. This goes for both life experiences and training. Either write down your thoughts and lay them out in front of you (bought a journal this week just for this reason), get someone’s opinion, or do some research to explore options and perspectives. Most importantly, enjoy the change of pace and EMBRACE the opportunity to rethink


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