Two Essential Workout Items Worth Spending On

Two Essential Workout Items Worth Spending On

So you have the motivation, have joined some kind of gym/fitness center, or you have an activity you want to try to get fit or something along those lines…amiright? GREAT! Now what? Have you thought of your new workout wardrobe? Exactly. Cotton shirts you compile from free events here and there and some shorts with an elastic band work, but workout clothes these days are being made to do more then absorb sweat. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those cotton shirts are all you need, but having a few good quality shirts, short, BRAs, socks, and SHOES are worth investing in. Plus having a few clothing options can help motivate you and make you feel more confident. I *try* and moderate how many workout clothes I buy (its hard to be honest) because its my industry but you really only need to get a couple basic things if you’re serious about making working out a part of your daily routine. Below I recommend only TWO items worth investing in to start out your fitness routine:

  • A Good Sports Bra 
    • By a good bra I mean one that fits comfortably and holds you in place. This means maybe jumping up and down in the dressing room (does it pass the jump test?) and/or trying it on under a shirt you know you could wear with it. Bras come in all kinds of styles, features, colors, and are even made to tailor the activity you do. Some features include:
    • Padding/Cups: removable the cups or no?
    • Closure: front/back closer, zipper?
    • Straps: thick, thin, racerback?

Below I’ve listed a few brands/places I recommend and why for good, supportive bras. Check them out!

  • Target (great basic, simple sports bra–no frills) my fave and go to place for new bras!
    • Pros: A LOT of variety long-lasting, affordable
    • Cons: not known for overly supportive bras or many options for bigger chested ladies
  • Speciality Fitness Stores (i.e Athleta, LuluLemon, Fit2Run, Nike)
    • Pros: A LOT of variety, expertise and knowledgeable in bras/fits/styles, long-lasting depending on how they’re laundered (might be specific)
    • Cons: Pricey-er then the average bra, but could be worth the investment depending on what you’re looking for and budget-wise, not all sizes available
  • Big-Box Fitness Stores (Sport’s Authority, Dick’s)
    • Pros: A LOT of variety, convenient place to shop for most people, average to above-average prices, available in most sizes
    • Cons: Not as knowledgable about product, no speciality or particular type fit bras

Now, I know that price is a factor here and finding the one you like with features you prefer might be a little costly. However, actually spending your money on a quality bra or two is worth it in the end if you are really committing to working out regularly. Nothings worth then a bra doesn’t fit right! And when it doesn’t fit right you’re not motivated to wear it…which means NO EXERCISE! So commit and get just one if you need to.

  • Supportive Shoes
  • Good shoes are up there with a good bra. You’ll be wearing these shoes during activity which includes a lot of movement so making sure they’re comfortable and fit you properly are big components to a good fit. With any activity getting a properly fitted shoe is the first step (pun intended!) towards a committed and regular exercise program.
  • Different shoes for different activities:
    • Running Shoes
      • My running shoes are separate from my everyday shoes. Running shoes get only used when RUNNING only (to prevent excess miles) not walking, weight training, etc. Everyday shoes are for work, teaching class, and weight training. Each pair has a different purpose. If you want to start running, getting fitted is super important! I recommend going to a speciality running store where they check your gait, type of arch, and ask about your racing program/training for the right style and fit. Running shoes typically have an elevated heel lift which helps propel you forward.  Its worth the extra few minutes to get fitted and its free!
    • Weight Training Shoes
      • Flat soled shoes for equal weight distribution and allows natural splaying of toes when under pressure.
    • Basic/Simple Shoes
      • For just starting out not sure what to get, finding a basic supportive sole is a great start. A combination of both features from running and weight training shoes is a good way to start. You can find shoes like this at an outlet/discounted store or at a Target, TJ Max, Marshall’s, etc.

Some activities such as Barre, what I teach, recommend a ballet-type slipper shoe to wear since shoes aren’t typically worn. If you decide to take up barre and like it enough to invest in your own pair, ask your barre studio or instructor what they recommend!

Just as a good bra is important to invest in, so are shoes. Check out options, features, brands, styles, prices, and fit! Go for a test run and see for yourself. Investing in quality shoes can make or break your motivation and is a reminder that you’re committed.

There ya have it! Two items worth investing in. Having these two things to start off your program will help make your transition to exercising go smoother. Happy Shopping!!


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