3 Simple Ways to Organize and TACKLE the Week with Confidence

3 Simple Ways to Organize and TACKLE the Week with Confidence

You’re reading my first post on #mondaymotivation! YAY! I’m gonna keep this category pretty open, but overall its going to help jumpstart us in starting our weeks in the right direction!

1.) First things first, on Mondays I make sure I have all the FOOD I need for the week. This includes everyday essentials (milk, bread, meat, veggies) and extra ingredients used for recipes.

  • That includes buying it fresh, preparing it ahead of time, storing it, and portioning it out so its only handled ONCE…key word *once*. No one has time to stand around in the kitchen and prep once our schedules have started. Even a Monday is considered late in the game for me when it comes to prepping and preparing. However, sometimes other things take priority and its pushed towards the beginning week. I wash and cut my veggies and put them in ziplock bags for an easy/quick snack during the week. I cook hard-boiled eggs and peel them as well as microwave or boil edamame.
  • Some veggies that make for easy storage and prep include:
    • carrots
    • cucumber
    • celery
    • sweet pepper
  • I make up to five baggies with about a full serving of veggies in each.

2.) I clean out various bags used throughout the week (e.g gym bags, purses, backpacks). I switch out my stuff pretty often because I do a variety of things and not one bag works for it all. Sometimes I pack for part of the day and include workout clothes, headphones, post-workout snack, etc. Other days I’m running errands and in between and seeing a personal training client in between so I’ll just take the essentials (wallet, phone, keys) and an extra snack or water bottle. Having it organized and put back in its place helps for organization the next day.

3.) Checking your planner or calendar more then once. Nothings worse then not knowing what to expect to start the week. Make sure you know whats going on generally each day and you’re not double-booking yourself (I’ve done this and feel AWFUL after). If its an event you can call/text/email to confirm go for it! I never hesitate to do this. Its important to know that you and the person you’re meeting with are on the same page.


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