Who Said Living A Healthy Lifestyle Requires a Drastic Lifestyle Makeover? Not Me! ;)

Who Said Living A Healthy Lifestyle Requires a Drastic Lifestyle Makeover? Not Me! ;)

Recently, a few people I know have mentioned to me about how much of a change it takes to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and then asked how I do it. I’m always a fan of talking health and fitness (which I already love and because its my job) especially if people need to bounce ideas off me or just need help and don’t know where to start.

To answer their question, I said it wasn’t overnight and it took a lot of trial and error. A lot of it is learning what works and what doesn’t so you can make small changes that last in the long term.

One thing these people did that is definitely one way to NOT adapt to a healthy lifestyle is saying “I can’t” or “I won’t.” We all have doubts and it can be scary if this is brand new to you, but those two phrases are the number one way to kill any goal or idea right off the bat. I sometimes find I do this too, but when I step back and think about it, it really is that I’m nervous about taking a risk, which leads me to think of failure, which ultimately results in me not trying and it doesn’t happen at all.

Not to say that isn’t okay, but if we want to make changes, we gotta step outside the box and challenge ourselves. Maybe a little bit at a time, and thats okay too!

So I’m done with my motivational intro ;P

I get a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and comes with A LOT of trial and error! I’m still working on it myself. But one thing I do know is that if I’m nervous about trying a new workout, recipe, running route, ingredient, etc. is to not say “I can’t” or “I won’t” because as soon as I do, its even more of reason to try it anyways! Worst case? You try it, it’s a fail, and you realize it doesn’t work. Mental note taken!

Here are five things that have worked for me to transition to a more healthier lifestyle a little bit easier and less of a drastic lifestyle makeover:

  1. Drink water at each meal.  Even if you have a alcoholic drink, pair it with a water when you go out. Same goes for coffee! Don’t worry about buying a fancy expensive water bottle to carry around and “drink from it throughout the day.” Just focus on a glass at each meal.
  2. Take a walk around the block or neighborhood two mornings/nights a week. No one says being “fit” requires a hefty gym bill or expensive race entries (unless you want to–racing is fun and addictive!) but going for a walk is free and can be done anywhere. There are plenty of benefits to walking even if it’s only for 10-20 minutes a day at a low intensity. Make it social and bring a buddy. AND make it a coffee date too! 😉
  3. Eat in a minimum of twice per week. Not saying meal-prep here, but switching your food choices instead. Knowing what you’re putting in your body is so important! Even if that’s a piece of fruit or granola bar in the morning with a coffee, you’re not only saving money, but the apple and coffee is a simple transition to a healthier option then what would you could be getting out nutrition-wise. I enjoy going out as much as the next person and see it as treat from eating in. Plus it allows me to explore and try new places and foods!
  4. Text accountability buddy. I mentioned this in last week’s post. This is really VERY helpful for me fitness-wise! I run early in the morning by myself (don’t worry I’m careful) and I text Harrison when I leave and come back. It keeps you committed having told someone and when you respond you’re back/done and you may get a virtual high five or good job message. We can all use that right? No real life gym buddy to meet up with, just your text buddy who can be ANYWHERE to help motivate and keep you accountable!
  5. Find an activity you enjoy. An activity preferably that isn’t inside or considered something in a gym. No ellipicals! 😉 An activity that you do because it makes you feel good. In a sense, this is recreation. Yes, you burn calories doing it which also helps, but it isn’t entirely focused on “losing weight” or considered “work.” You’ll know what works and what doesn’t when you try a few things. For me, running is my therapy, keeps me grounded, and challenges me. It’s burns a ton of calories (big perk) but that’s not the reason I do it. I do because it’s my me time. Trying yoga, rock climbing (another good one I love!), swimming, biking, weight training (mostly guys here), rowing, hiking, whatever it is that gets you excited to get out and do it! No rules it has to be thirty minutes or tough, just something that you enjoy and that’s it.


-What are some easy healthy lifestyle changes that have worked for you? or haven’t?

-What are some non-fitness activities that you enjoy that doesn’t make you feel like you’re “working out”

-Any new recipes you’ve been into lately?


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