Four Feel-Good & Indulgent Dishes To Enjoy This Season At Piquant in Hyde Park Village

Four Feel-Good & Indulgent Dishes To Enjoy This Season At Piquant in Hyde Park Village

I’m making my way back to my little space on the interwebs! It’s been a busy month with school and work and as well as feeling burnt out on a few things to be honest. I have a couple blog posts I’m hoping to share before the end of the year. Even though I don’t have any NEW topics to share that I’ve created, I am still active in blogging group I’m part of, the Tampa Bay Bloggers! 


Cheering to a great night of tasting with a Strawberry Mimosa

On another note, indulgent. The other name besides the most wonderful time of the year! I love the special holiday recipes my mom and I make every year or new recipes I like to try on my own to share with family, friends, neighbors, and Harrison’s parents. It is the season of giving! And for me that means baking up a storm (as much as I can when I’m not studying for finals) and sharing with others! At the same time, I’m training for a marathon so I want to know that what I’m eating out makes me feel good while benefiting my training. I feel confident about indulging in good quality food this holiday season at Piquant.

Anyways, let’s get on with this food talk!

A couple weeks ago I was able to attend a tasting at Piquant with some of some other local bloggers at Piquant in Hyde Park Village. If you’ve been, you KNOW they’re amazing and have a beautiful menu and I no longer need to explain. If you haven’t yet been, it’s a causal yet quaint french inspired restaurant in Hyde Park Village. I would say they have feel good dishes as well as other options if you’re feeling indulgent. All made with quality ingredients, some locally produced, such as in their Vertical Salad, which I mention later as a favorite of mine if you like a simple salad. Although it is french inspired, they put an american spin on classics. For example–their Croissant Turkey Club…UMMM. Enough said. I’ll leave it as genius.


Croissant Turkey Club…YUMO

If you’re feeling meh about another night out of eating, a evening of entertaining, or are taking out friends for a lunch or dinner, Piquant is a great option. Their fall menu was a good mix of healthy and feel-good options combined with indulgent. Quality, delicious food for whatever mood you’re in. Here are some of my favorites for when I’m feeling indulgent or when I’d want something more light and refreshing:

For an indulgent option, hands down it’s going to brunch category. This dish blew my mind. Get ready for it: Pork Belly Benedict. Not a fan off the bat of benedict or pork belly but I was oddly excited about this combo at the same time. Served on a lemon-thyme scone, with avocado hollandaise sauce, a beef stake tomato, and poached egg. I was like WOW. I would order this again!!


As a feel-good option, this one comes to your plate in a way you can feel good about too!  Vertical [Uriah’s Farm] Salad. Vertical comes from the locally grown tomatoes used here. Hence, Uriah’s Farm. Red and golden beets, a mixture of greens, goat cheese, toasted almonds, and a passion fruit vinaigrette. A feel good way to enjoy local produce while enjoying fresh ingredients and flavors.


As an indulgent option, you can’t forget DESSERT! O.M.G. I’ve never felt so indulgent after trying all three of these amazing dishes…we had three to try. All amazing in their own way, I have one favorite that sticks out the most. Chocolate Cherry Croissant Bread Pudding. Bread pudding is so traditional and decadent, and I feel is served during this time of year the most. It’s served warm, is fairly simple to put together, and involves bread. What’s not to love? Again, not a favorite of mine off the bat because I find it on the mushy side (sorry mom), but this was prepared like a small cake that as soon as the fork went through it, it melted into the plate and over the vanilla ice cream. OMG. I’m practically drooling.


A feel-good option with a ton of lean protein: Salmon Napoleon. Complete with hollandaise, dill, and Ratatouille. Not heavy, full of fresh flavor yet completely satisfying. A favorite fish of mine, I really enjoyed how it was seared and packed with flavor.


So does this make you wanna have a lunch or dinner date yet?! I’m dreaming about the options I’ve described and makes me want one of each really bad!! I’d say after this tasting, Piquant has made it to the top three of my favorite places to eat in Tampa. I can’t wait to come back and try these dishes at some point this season.


-What is a favorite recipe you look forward to indulging in during the holiday season?

-OOPS! How do you get back on track after a too-indulgent meal?

-What are some traditions you do this time of year?




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