Why Ladies Need To Pump Iron Too ;)

Why Ladies Need To Pump Iron Too ;)

I’m sure you’ve heard myths about how lifting weights can make women look/feel:”bulky”/”like a guy”/”unattractive.” I’ve heard that too…especially being a personal trainer. I primarily train female clients and that is one of the first things they tell me when talking about goals. “I want to look toned, but not bulky” or “I don’t want to lift heavy.” Every time I share the same answer: it isn’t possible because us women do not have the levels of testestorone males do. All of the sudden, they feel relieved and are ready to start lifting! (almost). Besides the myths, lifting weights is more then just great for our appearance. Below are reasons and benefits why you need to add strength training to  your routine:

  • Prevents osteoporosis–weakening of bones as women grow older that become brittle and fragile with age. This usually includes increased chance of falling and decreased bone density.
  • Increased muscle = lower percentage of fat–Cardio as we know helps burn fat, but muscle gains contributes to muscle growth which keeps fat in check. Muscle weighs more then fat and helps build a lean and toned look creating curves 😉
  • Metabolism jumps–muscle takes more energy to use and even at rest burns more calories then a heavy cardio session resulting in an increased calorie burn!
  • Lower numbers in blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol–we all wanna keep these numbers in check with cardio, but in the long run the added muscle gains helps keep these numbers lower for longer then just cardio alone.

Strength training doesn’t always include weights. Strength training can be anything that incorporates resisting gravity in one form or another. “Resisting” can your own body weight, resistance bands, dumbbells, sandbags, etc. The point is that your lifting something! Weights offer the best benefit (in my opinion) since you can challenge yourself with different amounts of heaviness! However, if weights seems intimidating to you (or just the thought around being a bunch of meatheads in the free weight area…you know where I’m going with this *insert rolling eye emoji*), feel free to use your own bodyweight to start off. Bodyweight strength training routines are awesome and require no equipment or gym! Don’t let bodyweight be the only form of strength training you get though, moving up from bodyweight to resistance bands or taking a group strength-based class can help immensely! Check out a couple bodyweight workouts to start off with here and here. Feel free to ask your local gym if you can get an overview of how to lift safely or think about getting a personal trainer 😉

Getting into a strength training routine of twice a week at minimum is all it takes to see a difference.  Start with two days a week and work up to three. Switch up your routine from a HIIT style/30 min workout, to a class, to muscle focused type workout (upper body/lower body or a push/pull) to keep it fresh. Don’t let yourself get bored! Keep switching the stimulus so your body doesn’t always adapt and plateau. Keep yourself on your toes while consistently challenging yourself. Check out the “workout” tab to see various routines to help switch it up!!


-#THROWBACK! When was the last time you strength trained and what did you do, where were you, anyone join in, feelings or thoughts or your first time training? Have you gone 360 and changed it entirely or you’re still figuring out what you like? I wanna hear! We all start somewhere.

-Top three artists/music for a strength training workout…GO!


16 thoughts on “Why Ladies Need To Pump Iron Too ;)

  1. The last time I strength trained was last Thursday. I plan to do some strength training tonight at the gym. I prefer going to the gym to do strength training since I am more motivated by the people around me. I enjoy doing TRX classes, but if I’m on my own I use free weights and machines.

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      1. awesome!! I’m not a fan of strength training right off the bat…which probably helped inspire me to write this post! there’s so many benefits to it that if I get twice a week in minimum I can call that a success!

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  2. Great post! I have incorporated strength training into my routine for the last 2 years (last time was this morning!). It has contributed a lot to stabilising my back problems. And so far I haven’t turned in to Arnold Schwarzenegger!! Another thing I have learned is that you also need to keep an eye on your diet when strength training – you won’t get the maximum benefit from all your hard work if your diet is poor!

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  3. I love this post. I lift weight 3 times a week and always try to tell my friends/ family that it does not make you look “manly” or “bulky”- in fact it makes you toned and lean!


  4. I use to think that ‘strength training’ was for people who weren’t good at Cardio. Boy was I WRONG. God really humbled me and showed me that strength training is a GREAT way to challenge my body and strengthen muscles needed for cardio. I LOVE LOVE iron now.


  5. I LOVE lifting heavy things and I am a huge proponent of ladies lifting heavy thing too! As a trainer and group instructor, I’ve heard the ‘I don’t wanna get bulky’ excuse far too many times. I tell my classes, if you want to get strong and if you want to get toned (another not so fun word) arms, you gotta lift heavier weights – no 2.5 or 5#! Thanks for writing this! We need more ladies sharing!


    1. Thanks burpees4breakfast !! I love lifting heavy too! Oddly enough, I became barre certified which is the opposite of heavy–lighter weight but using them TO FATIGUE…another good way to challenge yourself for sure. Still love lifting heavy, but some older ladies that take my classes really like the light weights. I love lifting overall- it makes me feel empowered and confident. Regardless of how heavy, more women need to lift SOMETHING! 😉
      What kind of classes do you teach?


    1. me too!! its a silly thought at first then you wonder how they had the thought in the first place haha. What kind of strength training do you do? I have to schedule mine otherwise it doesn’t happen haha.


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