Organizing the Essentials: Check Out What’s in My Gym Bag

Organizing the Essentials: Check Out What’s in My Gym Bag

Like many people this new year, a resolution is stay or get healthy and fit. I didn’t always carry a gym bag when I started getting into fitness and health. I took group fitness classes in high school and only brought my water, car keys, towel, and phone. I took up cross country and had my backpack with my school stuff and change of clothes stuffed into two overstuffed, undersized bags without much thought besides the basics: socks, running shoes, sports bra, and cotton (ugh) shorts and shirt/tank top.

Two years ago I decided to learn more about the gym and took the time to challenge myself and push intimidation aside on the squat rack. This past year I got certified in group fitness and was in the gym a lot more and in some cases left the gym to train clients, teach classes, get my own workout done, or run errands and needed a legit place to put my stuff (which I carried too much of). After trial and error, I realized how you prep for your day starts with what you consider to be essentials and how you organize them in order to stay focused in and out of the gym. I have a wristlet clutch for my wallet, keys, business cards, cards/cash, and phone and my Jansport backpack for bigger things for food, clothes, laptop, notebook, toiletries, etc. I combine the two, and BOOM much more efficiently organized and ready to go! 

What I have in my bag at the moment: 

-Three to four sweaty bands/wide headbands

-Toe-socks for teaching barre

-Camelback water bottle

-Cheap headphones & extra Fitletic Armband for my phone ready for a workout

-Whistle for teaching my bootcamp class, HEAT

-A couple pens (ya never know!)

-My old phone (now basically an iPod) for music when I teach/workout since I like to keep my real phone put away to limit calls, texts, emails, etc. 

-Healthy portable snacks like baby carrots or nuts

-Extra phone charger


12 thoughts on “Organizing the Essentials: Check Out What’s in My Gym Bag

    1. yes!!! Its all deactivated, but still has my music, so I can still use it. No calls or texts getting in the way of me teaching class or getting a workout in either!


  1. Love the idea of having a separate phone / iPod for music .. I hate getting distracted from my workout when I’m in the zone by a pesky text or call!

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  2. awesome idea for using a separate ipod/phone! hate getting distracted with texts or calls while at the gym. Can’t wait to read more of your posts in 2016 and happy I found your blog! 🙂

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  3. I love the idea of keeping snacks in your gym bag. I am always hungry after working out and keeping snacks in my bag would be helpful to keep me from eating junk and sabotaging my workout.


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