Five Ways to Boost Motivation

Five Ways to Boost Motivation

Happy Friday! Lately I’ve been feeling a little meh about my workouts. I have less motivation to eat clean, and yummy indulgent food sound REALLY good lately. I’ve still kept up with my three times a week strength training and running, but food-wise I’ve been so-so on my portions and choices. School and being kinda homesick/wanting change up the scenery too have been a recent stressor which leaves food choices to be what goes amiss for me.

Despite my less then optimal food choices, I’ve learned to write out my thoughts on why I feel stressed or overwhelmed. I have found over time writing out my thoughts exactly has helped immensely towards working towards a clearer head.

So I took out a large pad of paper and wrote out my concerns, feelings toward them, why I feel the way I do, and how to fix them. After a couple minutes of jotting thoughts down, I felt 100x better! In terms of school, I wrote down steps in order to accomplish assignments and ways I can improve myself either through new study methods or going to my professor. I can say I DID already see my professor and can say it was a big step in the right direction, so YAY for creating solutions!

Homesick-wise, my parents visited me last weekend since I can’t leave because of my school schedule, whoomp whoomp. That helped more then I thought knowing I was able to kinda get away from home and enjoy a few fun things with them. A small stressor, was the interest in my boyfriend meeting my parents…*cue shaking.* All went well and he passed so YAY for that! That’s always a little nerve wracking and a little early into our relationship, but the opportunity arose and I said YOLO so it worked out and am happy it went well. ūüôā

Onto some motivation though. Since motivation and stress have been a constant thing for me lately, so I figured I’d share a post on ways to boost your motivation game whether its fitness, blogging, food-choices, or your schedule to keep you feeling fresh.

  1. Start by writing EVERYTHING down.¬†Yep, it all goes on the paper. Break it down if you need to. If you feel meh about your running routine (something I feel rather stale in to be honest), focus on the why. Have you been¬†running the same route or distance for a bit, been in “pace lock” or seem to not be improving? Maybe the weather has something to do with it? Here in Florida the weather is terribly hot so running outside in the summer can be downright OPPRESSIVE. Florida runners you know what I’m talking about. Then write out feelings associated with this decrease in motivation, good and bad, and go from there. Next write out solutions.
  2. Reach out to a friend or family member…¬†Or anyone you feel comfortable with. Sometimes I feel like I have everything under control and don’t want to accept I want to share my feelings. Sometimes actually being open can share and help more then you think. I hate sharing when feel lost, weak, or nervous…who does?! But I know if I don’t talk through my thoughts they will continually be bottled up waiting to explode. I did this with a couple friends and hearing each of their perspectives helped immensely. If texting doesn’t do it for you, call them. I find calling allows me to speak my mind more then a text ever could.
  3. It’s OK to say NO.¬†I recently had to say this to an opportunity for networking for my business. I’m always looking to expand my personal training clients. I love helping people and the more people I can help, the more experience I get, the busier I become. I like that. But I’m in school and want that A in my class. I also have to juggle my current clients, classes I teach, workouts, and MY social life and other responsibilities. Let’s add a boyfriend to the mix too, and marathon training this fall. I say BRING IT with the best attitude possible, but some things may have to go to the back-burner. After I talked about it with my mom, I realized my goals on taking this opportunity wasn’t the best timing for me at that moment. ¬†So that’s when I wrote an email early in the week saying I could no longer participate. It killed me, but its for the best. I say there will be other times!
  4. Something fresh, shiny, and new!¬†Now I know this is different for everyone, but adding something new to your wardrobe, a switch in your schedule, a re-creation of a favorite dish, or taking advantage of a fun opportunity might be just what you need. This can occur at some costs, so minimizing that is key. I know for myself I need new running shoes. I’ve been running in the same pair I ran my MARATHON in back in January. I know, shame on me. All runners know to replace shoes every couple months and I’ve FAR exceeded that. I just didn’t buy another pair simply because mine still felt good. Now I’m seeing this as a reason why this could help boost motivation and eliminate my “staleness” for running at the moment. New music too. Both which I know have helped a lot before. If it’s not a¬†fitness related motivational boost, maybe its a new way of re-creating a favorite dish. Experience-wise, meet a friend for lunch on a day you would normally stay home and get stuff done and enjoy a good conversation instead. Nothing beats a good conversation and food with a friend!
  5. Taking a break. What if you’ve already tried some of what I mentioned and you’re still blah? That could be a sign to temporarily use it as a break for a bit. Focusing on other parts of your life that may be taking priority and returning to whatever it is later will allow you to comeback stronger then before. Having a new perspective on whatever it is can be the missing piece you might not think of.

Hoping these five tips help you as they do for me! Sitting with a cup or tea or coffee, sometimes wine but then I remember I need to think clearly, also helps while making myself SIT DOWN and RELAX which is usually at an all-time low during these times of stress. Knowing there is always an answer and believing everything will work out for the best is what keeps me grounded and sane!


-What has helped you in times of stress?

-What is your favorite dessert? (stressed spelled backwards is dessert! LOL!)

-Any weekend plans?


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