5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Runner

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Runner

In case you need it, here is some mid-week motivation! I was not too excited about getting up today because I was just blah. Stuff needed to get done regardless of whether it needed to be done or not. I put on my Momentum Jewelry bracelet and made today happen anyways. Since I needed some motivation, I decided to write today’s post on something everyone can relate to and could be used for motivation too!

 Running is my jam. It’s the reason behind my blog, what makes me happy when I’m sad or what I help celebrate with, and has given me to so many cool opportunities and friends. Besides the obvious of it being great cardio, can be done anywhere, opportunities to race, running has taught me lessons that I carry into everyday life. Sounds corny. It kinda is, but its true!

I like to think of any goal that seems tough yet attainable is something worth working for. If that’s weight loss, adding speed work into your workouts because its good for you…like me, or training for the Boston Marathon (coming up this month!) adds a mental challenge worth achieving if you commit to making it happen.  Although the reasons I mentioned above are just fitness goals, running has allowed me to apply this mindset to real-life situations too.

1.) If you want something bad enough, work for it. #GOALdigger.

Simply put. If you keep thinking about, it get’s you excited/good butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling, or gives you happy thoughts about it, it’s worth digging deep for. I got these feelings post grad when contemplating a marathon. I started looking up races “just for fun” and the next think I knew, I signed up for one!

2.) Rough patches exist.

Yes, it’s true. Just like running a race, workout, job, relationship, or hobby. If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy, but that’s what makes the journey worth it!! Marathon training was three months of work. I looked forward to training most of the time, but there were runs that did suck. Try running sixteen miles with not enough Gu or running thirteen in the pouring rain. It wasn’t fun but they’re memories I look back and think “sh*t–did I really do that?”

Studying for personal training was the same. Another three months of weekly commitment…see a pattern? Friday’s were study days since it was the only day I didn’t have class (I was still in college taking courses among studying for PT on my own). But I passed the exam and started putting my knowledge to good use the next semester. One of the best decisions I made for myself!

3.) Have a good support system.

I’ve very grateful for my amazing parents, family, friends who support my love of the Fitness and running. I connected with the Fit2Run- Tampa community for fun runs during the week and other active/fun events throughout the year. I later met other people through group fitness, specifically my group class HEAT and Peerfit peeps, who just love working out together, but might not necessarily run. All these people and more are my go-to people for accountability, support, and motivation. My sorority sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta always have my back no matter what, regardless if it’s fitness, having a movie and wine night, or being phone call away. No one needs to go at it alone! More then likely, someone feels the same or wants to grab a coffee and catch-up! Reaching out is key.

4.) Take it easy when you feel “meh.”

This is particular lesson I’ve learned and am still learning, I don’t think we’ll ever be done either ha. This one takes time and can be a little scary. If you’re feeling un-easy about something…and I mean not the lazy “meh” more like the bad vibes “meh.” There is a difference here…then say no or plan another time. Feeling tight hips? Re-schedule the speed work for another day. Stressful day at work? Take a yoga class, take a nice bath, call a friend (remember–support system!). Need more sleep? Go to bed earlier. When in doubt take a rest day!!! I’ve learned that my body workout related or not, is smarter then I think it is and sometimes needs to CHILL OUT.

5.) Don’t be close-minded.

This is not just relating to yoga!! I really like structure, schedules, deadlines, etc. I’m not really type-A..for real though! I just like knowing what’s up for the day. Similar to the above with swapping things out, but to be open to new workouts, friends, networking events, opportunities, etc. I find myself in the “running and fitness is my jam” sterotype. Although that really is a big part of who I am and who I socialize with the most, I try to keep other events open. Beer sampling opportunity? Sure! Is this my go-to event? No. I’m not a huge fan of drinking, but it’s fun right? I mean it’s beer sampling! Theta-alumna networking event? A good excuse to connect with other women and hand out cards for my PT business. New workout class? Try it, worst case: don’t go back.


-Any lessons running/working out has taught you?

-Anything you’ve done recently that paid off or has been a learning experience in workouts or life?


8 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Runner

  1. So cheesy, but working out has taught me that women are seriously capable of anythingggg men can do. As long as you work hard for it, everything is achievable! Your support system sounds great. I personally could probably work harder on creating a solid one for myself

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    1. 100% agree on that in terms of working out! Although I feel confident in thinking that “I don’t always need support–I can do it myself and be my own cheerleader” which is what I think sometimes, it’s okay to let others help along the way 🙂 thanks for sharing!!


    1. Thanks!! It took me awhile to get this one, but I see it as one workout out of many and I’m challenging myself differently! Still counts 🙂


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