A Taste of Peerfit: Experiencing SOHO Cycling & Mantra Tampa

A Taste of Peerfit: Experiencing SOHO Cycling & Mantra Tampa

*Disclaimer: Thanks to my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was able to experience Peerfit in exchange for writing this post. As always, my opinions are my own*

Have you established your 2016 goals yet?? The past couple weeks I had the privilege of being chosen to experience a taste of Peerfit through Tampa Bay Bloggers!  Peerfit is a company creating a versatile, multi-location subscription used at various boutique fitness studios around Tampa Bay, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota, and Jacksonville. Peerfit offers new ways to get fit while challenging yourself with different types of workouts and classes, and allowing you to explore fitness within your town, all while changing up your fitness routine and keeping you motivated.

Fun facts about Peerfit:

  • There are no limitations with studio visits
  • Credits renew each month and rollover to the next (you are able to use your credits for 60 days before they expire)
  • Big on corporate wellness–currently working with Laser Spine Institute in Tampa and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville
  • Started by University of Florida students and alumni

With Peerfit, you don’t just “get your workout done”, you experience a one-of-kind fitness experience all under your own flexibility and control.

How does it work?

You sign up in terms of credits that act as a currency. Most classes are 2-3 credits each, while some are up to 3 or more. You simply reserve your spot online, and you’re good to go!

Wanna try it out?

Use this link for $1 for your first pack of eight credits. *this is good for your first month only, and renews at full price after the first month.*

I was able to experience Peerfit at two different locations: SOHO Cycling Studio and Mantra Tampa. Both were two different styles of workouts, both equally challenging in their own way 😛 (and super fun)!!

SOHO Cycling is an indoor spin studio located in South Tampa on W Kennedy Blvd, across from Buddy Brew Coffee. I’ll be honest, I’m not a “cycler”, but it was pretty tough yet invigorating! Luckily I had motivation from another blogger, LiveSweatSleep, to keep me accountable for our 6am ride…eekk!!! Totally worth the wake up! I enjoyed it so much, I would go back to use as a good form of cross-training when I’m not running. It is a relatively small building, mostly making room for 52 bikes, and had two large screens in front of you, as well as the instructor motivating you every step of the way. Upbeat, loud music kept you riding to the beat in conjunction to scenes of nature or music videos playing on the screens ahead of you throughout the ride.

Peerfit made signing up super easy, and convenient to try. No questions asked, I checked in and picked a bike! If you like to cycle, live in the South Tampa area, or just want to change up your cardio routine, I suggest SOHO Cycling Studio as one of many great places you can use through Peerfit!

SOHO Cycling across from Buddy Brew Coffee


LiveSweatSleep joined me for our ride at 6am! #accountabilityfortheWIN

Mantra Tampa is a #pilatesonsteriods (literally) style workout using a Megaformer. Located in South Tampa and Sarasota, Mantra is a Pilates-based class focusing on a variety of upper and lower body movements; A LOT of core and balance with a combination of resistance bands thrown in.

I’ve never done Pilates or any type of workout relating to a reformer/Megaformer, but this was the quite the workout, and a good one at that! Peerfit made signing up easy, convenient, without questions asked.IMG_0121

I went in early and received an overview of the Megaformer before my first class. I learned a few basic terms, how the class is instructed, and what to expect. The class had about eight to ten women with the instructor cueing you on transition throughout the class. Going slow is key, as well as pulsing and holding. YIKES!!! It hurt so good, if that gives any kind of indication!


I felt kind of uncoordinated the first time I took it, but caught on as they shouted each movement and transition. By the end of my class, I had it down. They recommend you use toe-sox with grips on the bottom since you are using your own body and multiple parts of the Megaformer. I would say you definitely should invest in a pair since it makes you feel more stable. I already had mine from teaching barre, so they came in handy.

Another class I would look into for a good switch up from my routine, also accepted with Peerfit!! Now I can officially say I can check off a Pilates class off my list under my schedule’s flexibility and control, thanks to Peerfit! 🙂


Melissa, our instructor, working with me during some lunges and bicep curls














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